Don't Forget About Your Power Steering Fluid

Over time every fluid in your vehicle becomes dirty and grimy. The fluid in your power steering isn't left out from this list, but it's one that is frequently forgotten about.

What does power steering fluid do? Why do I need to change my steering fluid?

If you have ever driven a vehicle without power steering then you know how important power steering really is. Without it you would have to use all of your arm strength to turn and by the time you got home you would be exhausted. The power steering fluid essentially makes the power steering work. It keeps the pump moving, cools everything down, and takes off the dirt and debris from the moving parts. Because of its hard job the fluid becomes gritty and sludgy overtime. If left unchanged this can cause the pump and gears to wear and ultimately fail, which in turn leads to a costly repair.

When should I flush my power steering fluid?

Some people think that the power steering fluid is a "lifetime fluid", but with use comes wear, even in things that are sealed, like the power steering fluid. If you notice a moaning or growling type noise when you use the steering wheel it may be a sign that you need to have your power steering fluid checked out. If your fluid is low then there is a possibility that you have a leak which should be fixed as soon as possible. Some mechanics recommend having your power steering fluid flushed every two years, while others say that you can wait until you reach 75,000 miles. Ask your vehicle's technician what they would recommend and have them inspect it just to be sure.

How do you flush the power steering fluid?

Your power steering fluid is easy to check yourself. A picture of a steering wheel sits on the top of the knob and all you have to do is unscrew it and take a look inside. If it's dark brown or black, has metallic pieces floating inside, and/or smells burnt then it needs to be flushed and replaced. You can flush it yourself, but your mechanics are capable of doing it as well. While they are replacing your fluid they can also inspect it to make sure that there aren't any leaks and save you some money later on down the road.

Have your vehicle's power steering fluid flushed at Reynolds Subaru

If you would like our technicians to inspect and flush your power steering fluid feel free to schedule an appointment at our service station. Input your information on our online scheduling tool, contact us directly, or stop by our Orange, VA, dealership, serving Charlottesville, Culpeper, and Fredericksburg.

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