Get your Subaru Ready for Winter with This Helpful Advice

Old Dominion weather's beginning to take a chilly turn. Soon, the snow will be coming down. That means it's time to winterize that new Subaru. And take it from the cold-weather experts here at Reynolds Subaru -- there's a checklist of things that every Virginia driver should do to get ready.

First, check your brakes and take a look at your tires. When you step on the pedal, do you hear a squeak or crunch? Are the rubber and treads on your tires worn, torn, or separated? Are they inflated properly? If you answered yes, yes, and no, or even one of the above, you could be in for a hazardous drive. That new Subaru Outback, for example, is going to need stopping power when the roads around Orange and out to Charlottesville get slick and drifted. If you're not sure how to change your brakes, or you need a new set of tires installed and balanced, or you'd just prefer to forgo DIY to make things easier, no worries: we'll be glad to help you bring both back up to speed.

Secondly, examine your exterior lighting. That means more than just headlights and taillights. Consider your daytime running lights and positioning lights we well. If debris has piled up, you see any yellowing or fogginess, or if, say, a turn signal or any other light's blown, do any cleaning clean or replacement you must, or have our expert car repair technicians take care of it for you. It goes without saying -- a Subaru Forester with visibility's better than being lost in the forest around Culpeper with none at all.

Third, try out your heating and defroster. The should be warming the cabin and getting rid of frosty window buildup. You'll obviously want a fog-free windshield and side views made possible in part by a comfortable interior. After all, it can mean the difference between you and the family enjoying that upcoming vacation to Fredericksburg in your new Subaru Ascent, and the trip getting left out in the cold. If you need heating and air conditioning repair, we've got you covered.

Next, check on your battery. You'll want to make sure it's not weak, if not dead altogether. If your Subaru Crosstrek is trickling power during the fall, its power source could be defunct by winter, and the better that battery's condition, the better the likelihood of staying ahead of cold-weather startup issues. Be sure to take a closer look, though. If you see corrosion in its terminals or cabling, or worse, a loose end, replace the whole thing as soon as possible. Luckily, for our auto service center, changing a battery is everyday know-how.

Overall, get a feel for what's going on under the hood. Leaking, cracks, clamp tightness issues, springy, brittle, or just plain broken hoses, drive belt fraying, concerning engine noises, and anything else that might seem abnormal are grounds for bringing, say, that new Subaru Legacy in for an inspection. Examine your oil and air filters, coolant and levels, and other fluids, too. Engine oil that's built up gunk, factory deadlines for oil changes or transmission, brake, or power steering fluid flushes, antifreeze discoloration, or even low washer solution or the inability to see light through your filter -- these are prime indicators of service and maintenance needs.

Whatever those are, however, you can rely on the technicians on-site here at 249 Madison Road to get the job done right the first time and using only genuine Subaru auto parts and accessories to boot. That's a standard of care you may not find from other local repair shops, auto body centers, and sole-proprietor mechanics. You can make a service appointment here on the Web or just stop by and see us to talk shop -- we'll be glad to prepare your vehicle for the season!

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