Among AWD Systems, Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Sets the Standard

You've probably seen it built into a Subaru car or SUV or two here in Orange, VA. In fact, it's a mainstay of every model except the Subaru BRZ coupe, our automaker's rear-wheel drive-equipped sports car. But what makes Subaru Symmetrical AWD different other automakers' all-wheel-drive systems?

First, it's permanent and always on. Tacking into rough weather in the all-new Subaru Crosstrek subcompact crossover? Churning across the terrain in the latest Forester SUV or Outback wagon? Perhaps you're toughing it out through northern Virginia's four seasons in a new Subaru Legacy sedan or Impreza hatchback or cruising US-15 in a new WRX sports car. No matter where or through what you're driving, a firm Subaru grip has you covered, on the road and off.

Second, it dovetails the celebrated SUBARU BOXER engine. The powerplant's mounted flat, versus in-line, creating a low center of gravity and delivering power evenly to all wheels at once, with extra preference to those with the best pull. The result is a balanced ride, optimized for stability long before wheel slip occurs, with enhanced traction and confident response. That's in contrast with front-wheel-drive systems, prone to understeer, rear-wheel drive vehicles, which are given to oversteer during turns, and other, electronic AWD systems, often characterized as "slip-then-grip." Of course, with less roll and pitch, the ride's more comfortable, too.

Third, its design is structural, not a systematic add-on. It's less complex than the all-wheel-drive systems of other manufacturers, with fewer moving parts to worry about. That means less, and often less expensive, maintenance.

Eager to check out how Subaru AWD performs? Give us a call at Reynolds Subaru at 888-442-4861 or stop by249 Madison Road in Orange, and we'll put you behind the wheel of the model that's caught your eye for a firsthand feel!

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